I accept American Express in my business, as well as other credit cards. Some of my clients like to use their AMEX card and I want to accommodate them, of course. So I got a piece of snail mail just a few days ago from AMEX that promoted November 26, 2011 as “Small Business Saturday, a day when America comes together to celebrate the Shop Small movement and support small businesses like yours.”

They included a small decal I could put in the window of my business that proclaims “Shop Small – support your local small businesses.” AMEX is offering a $25 credit to card members who register their card for the Small Business Saturday and spend $25 or more at businesses like mine. “It’s all about YOU” proclaims their mailing.

Yeah, right.

I admit, I’m cynical on this one. A gigantic corporation is trying to hop on the small business/shop local movement. It motivates me even more to move forward with my idea to develop a local complimentary currency. If you really care about local small business, check out a RelyLocal in your area. Judy McKnight of Rely Local Hendersonville is a genuine LOCAL business person doing a fantastic job of supporting local small businesses. And you don’t even need an AMEX card.

Also of interest:  https://www.authentic-alternatives.com/systems/lost-my-data/

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