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  • How to Create the Perfect Core Message for Your Business – and Why It’s Crucial

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    Are you tired of your marketing messages falling flat and failing to make an impact on your potential customers? Do you feel [...]

  • A Blueprint for Success: How To Set Practical Small Business Goals

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    Ah, small businesses – the backbone of our economy, the daring dreamers who step into the entrepreneurial ring. But let's be honest, [...]

  • Business Consultant vs. Coach: Which One Do You Need?

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    As a business owner, you face numerous challenges on a daily basis. Running a business can be a wild ride, but let's [...]

  • The Power of Business Coaching: What Is a Business Coach and How Do They Help?

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    Are you an entrepreneur struggling to achieve your business goals? Do you feel like you've hit a roadblock and don't see any [...]

  • Responding to Criticism

    Categories: Management

    [Updated June 23, 2021] We may be coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, but tensions remain high among us homo sapiens! Learning [...]

  • Two Keys to the Successful Growth of Your Business

    Categories: Leadership

    [Updated July 1, 2021] Most business owners want their business to grow. The challenge is that growth brings its own set of [...]

  • Inside the Founding of Newsweek

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    My grandfather's true story What it’s really like to be an entrepreneur My grandfather, Thomas J. C. Martyn founded Newsweek magazine in [...]

  • Socially Responsible Business

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    Socially responsible and sustainable business/green business:  caring for our human and natural resources to create a healthy world and healthy businesses.   [...]

  • Small business coaching: winning in a down economy

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    Before I became a small business coach, I was involved in several businesses in the booming 90’s. Things got challenging for many [...]