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Woniya Thibeault by a pond

Huge congratulations to my client, Woniya Thibeault on her win of the History Channel’s hit reality show Alone! This season, called Alone Frozen, took place on the frigid North Atlantic coast of Labrador, Canada in early winter 2021. Six of the strongest participants from previous seasons of Alone were invited to participate in Alone Frozen. Participants who survived – alone, with minimal equipment – for 50 days would split a 0,000 prize. The finale was aired last night on Sept. 22, 2022.

As it turns out that at the end, Woniya was the sole participant remaining.

And…she is the FIRST WOMAN to win any Alone season! Truly a wonderful achievement.




For more than two decades, Woniya has dedicated herself to her passion for nature, land-based and ancestral-based living skills and wilderness survival. So her win was made possible by her knowledge, experience, mindset and what I would call true grit.

Regarding the production of Alone Frozen, she said, “I have been happy with how much of the heart of my time out has come through – including singing the sun down, appreciating the beauty, and finding the silver lining in very challenging circumstances.”

Alone participants

In Alone Season 6, she was the runner-up and won the hearts of millions of viewers with her incredible knowledge and skills, her tenacity and her deep spiritual connection to the land. With that experience, she gained exposure and video skills that helped move her business, Buckskin Revolution, to the next level.

Woniya Thibeault with bowThat’s how we ended up working together. It’s been a delight working with her because she is whip-smart, upbeat, ethical, and authentic. And fun! Her memoir of her experience on Alone Season 6 is due out this November 20 and I can’t wait to read it. (I have seen excerpts and she is a talented writer.)

Woniya said, “I have been really pleased with how the Alone show has shifted over time towards selecting more participants for whom living outdoors and connected to the land is a way of life. Who approach survival from a place of connection and respect rather than one of conquering and domination. I believe this is because over time, they have seen that these are the kind of people who do best out there, and that those who talk big and approach it from a place of ego rarely thrive. It’s a rare example of media being a good influence on a culture, and I feel honored to have the opportunity to be part of that influence.”

I think Woniya is so deserving of this win, and I am thrilled with her success and how her teachings will reach a wider audience because of it.

And these days, her skillset is ever more relevant. “Not many will choose to test their skills in long term wilderness living immersions,” She said, “but having the skills and knowledge should you ever need to helps you feel more resilient to the challenges life throws at you, and more fulfilled and connected as well.”

Woniya and hare Labrador coast Woniya collecting mussels
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