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  • Two Keys to the Successful Growth of Your Business

    Categories: Leadership

    [Updated July 1, 2021] Most business owners want their business to grow. The challenge is that growth brings its own set of [...]

  • Inside the Founding of Newsweek

    Categories: Articles

    My grandfather's true story What it’s really like to be an entrepreneur My grandfather, Thomas J. C. Martyn founded Newsweek magazine in [...]

  • Socially Responsible Business

    Categories: Articles

    Socially responsible and sustainable business/green business:  caring for our human and natural resources to create a healthy world and healthy businesses.   [...]

  • Small business coaching: winning in a down economy

    Categories: Featured

    Before I became a small business coach, I was involved in several businesses in the booming 90’s. Things got challenging for many [...]

  • Small business consulting services for the entrepreneur: small is beautiful!

    Categories: Featured

    As we slowly head toward a post-pandemic world, now is a great time to revisit some of the fundamentals that can make [...]

  • Client spotlight – Brennan Zelener, CEO, Newaya

    Categories: Clients

    I’ve been working for several years with Brennan Zelener, CEO of Newaya Recycling in Fort Collins, Colorado. Brennan continues to impress me [...]

  • Woniya Thibeault Wins Alone Frozen

    Categories: Clients

    Huge congratulations to my client, Woniya Thibeault on her win of the History Channel’s hit reality show Alone! This season, called Alone Frozen, took place [...]

  • The Amazing 14-year-old Cole Summers (aka Kevin Cooper)

    Categories: Inspiration

    A friend recently sent me this story about a 14-year-old young man from Beryl, Utah who as an author and on social [...]

  • NY Times Gives Thumbs Up to Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

    Categories: Clients

    The Freedom No-Pull dog harness is getting kudos (not cujos 🙂 again. Wirecutter (part of the New York Times) is a list [...]