Anne Alexander

Since 2002, Anne Alexander has provided coaching and consulting services to small business owners with five to fifty employees to help them move forward with substantial, profitable business growth, personal satisfaction, and bottom-line control. She is their confidential, strategic partner in managing and growing their business.

I don’t usually write about my own business, but this is a special occasion. My business, Authentic Alternatives, Inc., is 10 years old this month and I am still in business. To me this is reason to celebrate, not only because I love my clients and love what I do, but also because any time anyone perseveres and succeeds it helps us all.

We’ve all heard the statistics about how many businesses fail in the first year, the first 5 years,  etc. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that 49% of establishments survive 5 years or more; 34% survive 10 years or more. That’s better than the 10% figure I had always heard bandied about.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the other 71% necessarily “failed.” The owner may have sold his business, ready to move on to something else. She may have decided to return to the workforce as an employee or even may have retired.

However, only about one third of those who start a business are still running it ten years later, and I’m proud that I made it this far. I’ve worked with several hundred individuals since 2002, providing multi-year, in depth help with their small business or their career. Although they come from different business fields and have varied personalities, what I learn over and over again is how alike we all are. Our needs, goals, challenges and strengths are often strikingly similar.

To help celebrate my accomplishment and extend my enormous thanks – I am truly so very grateful – I will hold a drawing this month (and possibly more than one during my anniversary year), open to all subscribers. The winner will get one month of business or executive coaching from me at no charge. It’s strings free, absolutely no pressure to continue, but I figured why not give what I’m good at? I’ve coached people all over the US and Europe with a wide variety of businesses and careers, so chances are I can offer you some genuine assistance.

To submit your name for the June drawing, subscribers can simply send me an email at with the words “June drawing” in the subject line, and I’ll put your name in the hat. I’m having my trusted friend Eston Roberts, a retired Brevard College English professor, pull a name out of a literal hat on June 22 and will notify the winner by June 25.

And please forward this on to friends and colleagues.

I always love to hear from subscribers, past clients and friends, so whether or not you want to be in the drawing, please drop me a line and tell me how you are doing.

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  1. Bonnie Willow June 5, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Congratulations, Anne! You’ve lasted this long because your coaching is top-notch in every way. Best wishes for ten more, if that’s your dream!

    • Anne June 5, 2012 at 4:09 pm

      Thanks, Bonnie! I’t’s hard to know how life will go 10 years out, but no plans for retirement any time soon – still loving my work, my clients!

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