Marketing For Business: A 4 Action Steps To Get You Started

marketing for business everything counts1. In marketing for business you must remember that  everything counts!

  • your customer service
  • your graphics
  • your testimonials and endorsements
  • what you and your employees wear
  • what your premises look like
  • how your phones are answered
  • just to name a few!

Action step: Review every area of your business to see if it is relaying the marketing message you want.

2.  Your best customers are your current customers.  We all know it’s six or seven times as hard to get a new customer than to re-sell to your existing customers. Yet, most entrepreneurs are still focused on getting NEW customers!

Action step: What else can you sell to your existing and past customers? They trust you, so they will be receptive to you, if you approach it correctly.

3.  When marketing for small business, if your message is plain vanilla,  you’re either leaving a heckuva lot of profits on the table, or you’re on your way out of business. You need a message that some people will be responsive to and will respond to. Most marketing is devoid of message; it is just that name, rank and serial number – the features. Remember how Subway re-created their message to be a  fast food for weight loss and health? Brilliant! Before that, no one ever put together fast food and health!

Action step: Take a look at your message – is it vanilla or a much more exciting, compelling and provocative message?

4. You’ve undoubtedly heard that you need to have a Unique Selling Proposition that answers the question:

Why should I do business with you

versus any and every other option available to me,

which includes  doing nothing?

When you have a great answer to this question, doors will open like you have the golden key to the vault.  It’s an enormous accelerator because your business is now about something and for somebody and you have a message.

Action step: Answer the question above. Ask yourself the question above once a
day for the next 7 days. As you brainstorm with no judgment, you’ll start to refine a kick-butt answer!

In summary, marketing for business is a big topic, but if you take the action steps above, you will be moving your business forward in a significant way!

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