I read a great article on tweaks you can make to your work environment to improve your happiness and productivity.

The article makes suggestions about having plants, adding color, using good ergonomics, and getting to a different locale sometimes.

I’ve always had at least one big plant in my office because I agree it really does bring good energy and make me feel good. According to one study, more innovative thinking, generating more ideas and original solutions to problems in the office environment that included flowers and plants. I believe it!

As for ergonomics, the article talked about having good chairs and good posture. A couple of years ago I switched to a desk that is high. I have a tall chair that I sit in, but some of the time I stand. This switching of positions is good for my back and helps channel my restless entrepreneurial energy! Providing small business consulting services to a wide variety of businesses requires a lot of energy and I find that standing up helps me maintain that level I need.

I’m going to be repainting my office this year and was already planning to paint at least one wall a vibrant color. You can use color to help put you in whatever mood you prefer, whether that’s calm and creative, energized, focused, etc.

Their last suggestion was to do some work in another location besides your office, whether a coffeehouse, a park (now that the weather is getting nice), or somewhere similar. Sometimes as I provide my small business consulting services I enjoy getting to another locale because it always seems to re-energize me and refresh me.

Try one or more of these tips to help you feel better and keep up with all the many responsibilities in your business.

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