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Here is some of the feedback I got to the Glass Block Story. Good stuff. Keep ’em coming!

Yes, I agree with you about action. I also have a lot to do in the patience division. But, as you found out, action and patience really go together. If you had not gone to the Builders store, you probably would never have seen the glass block. The glass block came into your vision because of something you saw at the Builders store. Whether you saw it or now, you mind saw it, and then put you and the block together.

When I rush to action, many times it takes more time to redo the action, than if I wait for the perfect solution… that is always there!

Thanks for your notes…


Patience is a virtue I have been blessed with but, I do sometimes find myself in a hurry to get something done. This story reinforces that waiting is almost always a good thing to do. By waiting just a couple of seconds we can respond to something instead of reacting to it.

Thanks for the reminder,

Great lesson. I probably have more than my fair share of patience. I have cultivated it the last few years. I think your lesson has great beauty in the waiting. Not something we no how to do very well in the culture.

Thanks for sharing,

Have a great day ~ Debbie

What a great example of how patience pays off and the innovative solutions we can come up with when faced with a problem to solve.

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