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  • Buy or Lease: That is the Question

    Categories: Blogs, Management, Systems

    I have an excellent guest post today from my colleague,  Bert Doerhoff. Buy or Lease: That is the Question Whether your plans [...]

  • Celebrate with me!

    Categories: Blogs, Inspiration

    I don't usually write about my own business, but this is a special occasion. My business, Authentic Alternatives, Inc., is 10 years [...]

  • American Express: what a joke

    Categories: Blogs, Marketing

    I accept American Express in my business, as well as other credit cards. Some of my clients like to use their AMEX [...]

  • If Kate Middleton Has a Dog and Wants A Gorgeous Dog Collar. . . .

    Categories: Blogs, Clients, Marketing

    I always love when one of my clients gets some great publicity. My long time client, Alisha Navarro, owner of 2 Hounds Design and Wiggles, Wags & Whiskers, has one of her gorgeous dog collars featured in the holiday gift guide of this week's People Magazine.

  • The Fraud Factor

    Categories: Blogs, Management

    The kind of people who read Ordinary Brilliance and/or are my clients tend to be very upstanding, high integrity folks. They're probably [...]

  • Do Less, Think More to Make Your Business Soar

    Categories: Blogs, Leadership

    Recently, I was so proud of one of my clients that I wanted to share his do less think more accomplishment with [...]

  • Hey – A brief guide to office etiquette

    Categories: Blogs, Management

    A client of mine gave me permission to share this story with you from a recent coaching call that we had. Details [...]

  • How To Lose A Customer in 24 Hours

    Categories: Blogs, Marketing

    You prospective customers and clients are unconsciously looking for any reason to say “no” to what you're offering. Even though they may [...]

  • 4 Hour Work Week? Not Quite.

    In delivering my small business consulting services, I find that my clients are always wanting to be more productive. Everyone feels like [...]