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Since 2002, Anne Alexander has provided coaching and consulting services to small business owners with five to fifty employees to help them move forward with substantial, profitable business growth, personal satisfaction, and bottom-line control. She is their confidential, strategic partner in managing and growing their business.

Thanks to the many subscribers who completed my survey awhile back, I now have my first telephone seminar ready to go for my awesome subscribers.

Check out this interactive telephone seminar:

The Four Keys to Becoming a Time Architectâ„¢: An Introduction to a Revolutionary New Way to Take Back Your Time

If you’re like most professionals, managers, and business owners, you work more hours than you prefer and you may feel like you’re still not getting enough done. You’ve virtually given up on many of the other interests and passions in your life.

In this interactive telephone seminar you’ll be introduced to a new approach to “time management” that gets to the core of how to create sustainable
peak performance for today’s professionals and business owners.

A Time Architectâ„¢ is someone who has a great control over their time and their life, and creates time for the high value activities and relationships that are important to them.

This class is for you if:

* You feel burnt out or like you might be headed in that direction.

* You don’t seem to ever have time for non-work passions and interests.

* Willpower never seems to work for you.

* You feel like you’re “on” all the time.

* You want more than a “quick fix” that won’t last.

More info here.

You’ll learn:

* how “solidifying your structure” has everything
to do with getting control of your time

* to understand the critical see-saw principle and put
into immediate use

* how simplification and stormproofing play key roles
in becoming a master Time Architectâ„¢.

And you’ll leave the call with at least three achievable action steps, customized to you, which you can start implementing immediately in your

Your only investment is $9.95 for the class, plus the cost of the long-distance call to the conference line. If you don’t get way more than $9.95 worth of actionable material, I’ll happily refund your investment.

You have two choices for this clss (one daytime, one evening)

Thursday, August 4th at 8:00 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific

Wednesday, August 10 at 3:00 pm Eastern/12:00 pm/Pacific

To register, go here now.

Maximum of 20 people per call, so register now. I promise to make it worth your valuable time!

Best regards,

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